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  • How to Judge the Quality of Laser Cutting Machine

    As an indispensable equipment in modern sheet metal processing industry, laser cutting machine has great advantages in flexible processing. It is suitable for single-piece processing or batch processing, and its application is very flexible. So, if we choose laser cutting machine equipment, how d...
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  • Superiority of Fiber Laser over Traditional Solid State Laser

    The emergence and application of lasers is known as the third leap in the use of tools by human beings. Throughout the history of scientific and technological development, the way of energy acquisition has been constantly updated, which has promoted the continuous improvement of the level of scie...
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  • Double Focus Welding Technology of Fiber Laser

    Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method using high energy density laser beam as heat source. In laser welding, the laser is focused on the surface of the workpiece through the focusing element, and the focusing characteristics of the laser directly affect the effect of laser weld...
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  • A Brief Analysis of the Types and Applications of Lasers

    Laser is known as “the most accurate ruler”, “the fastest knife” and “the brightest light”. It is one of the four great inventions in the twentieth century, which are combined with computer technology, atomic energy technology and semiconductor technology. At p...
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  • Mature Application and Advantage of Fiber Laser in New Energy Vehicle

    1 Fiber Laser Satisfies Mature Application Requirements For many different production and manufacturing processes in the new energy vehicle industry, fiber laser is essential, especially for the manufacture of electric drive systems including batteries and motors. The production of batteries can ...
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  • which is good for Stainless steel pipe cutting method ?How about a tube laser cutter?

    Now many industries need to carry out metal pipe processing, especially sports equipment and doors and Windows decoration industry.Stainless steel pipe cutting methods are many, the most common are: grinder cutting, circular sawing machine cutting, automatic cutting, laser cutting machine.So, met...
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  • Why lasers are used for cutting

    Lasers are used for many purposes. One way they are used is for cutting metal plates. On mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum plate, the laser cutting process is highly accurate, yields excellent cut quality, has a very small kerf width and small heat affect zone, and makes it possible to cu...
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  • What are Laser Cutting Machines?

    Laser cutting machines allow metal fabricators to create high-quality parts that require very little, if any, finishing work. As the high-powered laser is cutting, excess material is either melts, burns or vaporizes away. A high pressure jet of gas also blows away any debris, resulting in a highl...
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  • Daily use specification and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

    With the continuous development of the laser industry in China, more and more laser equipments appear in people’s life and work, and the emergence of fiber laser makes the application of laser equipments more diversified, so laser cutting machine has gained a new “life”. Fiber l...
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  • Intelligent and differentiated: transformation direction of laser cutting machine industry

    In recent years, the competition around “intelligentization” has become increasingly fierce, which is bringing about great changes in manufacturing production mode.China, as a major manufacturing country, has basically met the hardware requirements, but the rapid development in recent...
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  • How to use laser cutting machine to cut high quality products? Focus is important!

    Several key technologies must be mastered and solved for parts with high cutting precision or thickness in CO2 laser cutting machine.Focus position control is one of them.One of the advantages of laser cutting is that the beam has a high energy density, so the focal spot diameter is as small as p...
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  • Upgrade of industrial automation -Vast market for Laser cutting equipment

    With the upgrade of industrial automation, industrial production puts forward higher requirements on precision, efficiency and reliability.In this context, the cost-performance advantage of laser equipment is increasingly obvious, and the introduction of laser cutting equipment processing has gra...
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